Through this Privacy Policy we establish the terms in which "Panama Submarino" uses, processes and protects the personal information that users provide us. Therefore, it is important that the user read this Privacy Policy carefully before accessing and using the "Panama Submarino" service. By using our service, the user expressly consents to this Privacy Policy and authorizes “Panamá Submarino” to use, process, collect and process their personal data.

This Privacy Policy may be updated, when we consider it appropriate. These modifications, after being published in this section of this website, will be effective. It is an obligation of the user to know the modifications that are made to the Privacy Policies, for this reason the user will be notified, through the email that we keep from him, about the future modifications that we make. Once the notification is sent, it will constitute a tacit acceptance of the modifications, access and use of the service by the user.

In the event that our website contains links that lead to the website of a third party, our Privacy Policy will not apply to the page referred, so "Panama Submarino" will not have any responsibility for the use that the website to which you are referred give your information. The user understands that it is their obligation to consult the privacy policy of the submitted website.


In accordance with our subordination to the Panamanian jurisdiction, "Panama Submarino" in the treatment of user information, will respect their rights through the application of the following principles:

  1. Principle of Loyalty: The personal data that “Panamá Submarino” collects will be without deception or falsehood and without using fraudulent, unfair or illegal means.
  2. Principle of Purpose: The personal data that "Panamá Submarino" collects will be for previously determined purposes and will not be subsequently processed for incompatible or different purposes for which they were requested, nor will they be kept for longer than necessary.
  3. Principle of Proportionality: "Panama Submarino" will only request those data that are adequate, pertinent and limited to the minimum necessary, in accordance with the purpose for which they are required.
  4. Principle of truthfulness and accuracy: The protected information subject to treatment must be truthful, accurate, up-to-date and understandable. "Panamá Submarino" is not responsible to the user regarding the processing of data or partial, incomplete or fractional information or that leads to error, delivered by the user, or if said information has been delivered or disclosed by the User declaring or guaranteeing, any form, its veracity or quality.
  5. Principle of Data Security: “Panamá Submarino” will adopt the technical and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the security of the data in our custody and we will inform the user when the data has been stolen without authorization.
  6. Principle of Transparency: "Panamá Submarino" will keep the user informed of their rights regarding their status as owner of personal data.
  7. Principle of Confidentiality: "Panama Submarino" and any other person involved in the processing of personal data is obliged to keep secrecy or confidentiality regarding them.
  8. Principle of Legality: "Panamá Submarino" will only process, collect and process personal data with the prior consent of the user.
  9. Principle of Portability: The user, the owner of the data, has the right to obtain from "Panamá Submarino" a copy of the personal data in a structured way in a generic and commonly used format.

Information we collect and store

"Panama Submarino" with address in Panama, Bella Vista, Calle José de Fábrega, Building 14, Ground Floor, is responsible for the database that contains the personal information provided by our users, which is transmitted to our servers located at United States for conservation.

The data that "Panama Submarino" collects are the following:

  When a person or a user visits the website:

  • Device information: Device identifier, device type, device plugins, hardware capabilities, operating system, etc.
  • Location: GPS, IP Address, etc.
  • Actions carried out by the user: Page views, buttons pressed, display time, etc.
  • Connection Information: Time, date, etc.

When the person registers as a user of our website:

  • Access Data: Email address, username, password, etc.
  • Account Information: Full name, address, date of birth, telephone number, address (house, street, urbanization, district, country), certification agency, level, specialty, etc.

Online payments

To acquire one of the packages of the events that "Panama Submarino" runs, the user will be able to make the payment online. For this reason, we turn to financial providers to execute and process the payments made by our users, and it is these who collect their credit or debit card information.

Use of our users' information

"Panama Submarino" collects personal information about our users in order to provide our service and customer service in a more efficient way. "Panama Submarino" may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Provide the requested service.
  • provide you with technical assistance.
  • Answer inquiries.
  • To carry out data analysis, research and any other action that helps us build and improve our service.
  • To send you emails, SMS, calls to your mobile phone or any other device that is susceptible to receiving calls to offer vouchers, discounts and promotions, conduct surveys, etc.
  • To comply with legal and regulatory obligations.
  • For any other purpose with your prior consent.

With whom do we share our users' information?

"Panama Submarino" when using, transmitting or transferring your personal data, will guarantee compliance with the aforementioned principles, as well as the applicable regulations. By accepting this Privacy Policy, the user consents to the transfer of their personal data by "Panamá Submarino".

What third parties have access to personal data?

Note: Here it will be necessary to indicate with whom we will share the information that they provide us. Either to send them to companies that have a function in the event that Panama Submarino will celebrate or companies that will help us improve and offer our online service, such as:

  • Payment processors and facilitators (Banks).
  • Cloud storage providers.
  • Marketing partners and marketing platform providers.
  • Data analysis providers,
  • Security providers.
  • Providers that allow us to send mass emails

 In short, any external service provider that is linked to the execution of the different DIVE FEST aquatic activities and others.

 User's Rights

The user has the right to request access to the personal information that "Panama Submarino" has about him. "Panama Submarino" must allow you to see the personal information that we have about him, within a period of no more than 10 business days from the date of the request.

The user has the right to request the rectification, correction or elimination of the personal information that we have about him, which he considers incorrect, irrelevant, incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, false or impertinent. The user interested in rectifying, correcting or eliminating her personal information may contact the Panama Submarino Support to proceed with the request.

The data must be modified when they are erroneous, inaccurate, misleading or incomplete within a term of 5 business days following the request for modification.

 Similarly, the user has the right to deny, for well-founded and legitimate reasons related to a particular situation, the proportion of their personal data or to which they are the object of a certain treatment, as well as to revoke their consent.

Note: For the user to be able to rectify, correct or delete their personal information, what should they do? What would be the process to follow? As there is no section on the website in which the user can access to update the information that we maintain about him, I suppose that he will have to write to our email. Otherwise, omit the second sentence of the second paragraph.

Decisions based on automated processing

Through the acceptance of this Privacy Policy, the user expressly consents to be the subject of decisions based solely on the automated processing of their personal data, the purpose of which is to evaluate certain aspects of their personality, health status, job performance, credit, reliability, conduct, characteristic or personality, among others.

Information about cookies

Note: The PANAMA SUBMARINO company does not use Cookies in its commercial activities, or in any other.

How to contact the Panama Submarino Support team?

In case you have a query, make a complaint about the way we handle your information or to exercise your privacy rights in relation to the personal information we have about you, you can contact our support through our email: " "

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This Privacy Policy is governed by Law 81 of 2019 and by the laws of the Republic of Panama. Any controversy derived from this Privacy Policy will be submitted to the Courts of the Republic of Panama, waiving any other that may correspond to them.

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